CAB International

CABI's mission is to improve people's lives worldwide by providing information and applying expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment and a leading provider of microbial and molecular services.

Scientists at CABI centre in Egham, UK, carry out scientific research, international development projects and microbial services. Over the years its work has supported hundreds of projects and reached thousands of farmers in countries across the world. 

CABI experts participating in the MICROBE project:

  • Matthew Ryan is the research lead for Biological Resources and curator of CABI's microbial culture collection. He currently leads research into ensuring the genomic and functional stability of fungi and bacteria through the development of novel cryopreservation protocols. He is the project manager of the UK BBSRC crop microbiome cryobank.
  • Miguel Bonnin is a microbial and molecular technician at CABI, UK, with expertise in molecular identifications of fungi, insects, yeasts and bacteria.

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